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Cminus is a unique sustainability focused business comprising consultancy and development divisions.


Cminus was formed in April 2007 as a company created to "make" sustainable spaces through a variety of service applications from consulting to green development. At its basic level the logo advocates "carbon free" even though the essence of Cminus is carbon footprint reduction.


About Us

Cminus offers services in two areas: Sustainable Places & Sustainable Spaces. The company was incorporated to take advantage of the complimentary skillsets of the directors to offer a unique range of products and services. Cminus capitalises on the commitment, experience and reputation of its team to consistently deliver leading edge outcomes.


Sustainable Places offers high level corporate consulting and advice on business strategy, projects in the built environment and policy development, providing a clear way forward to competitive advantage through sustainable principles and practices.


Sustainable Spaces applies that knowledge and IP to innovative, market leading "green" property developments across all market sectors.


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